Best of January 2021

Best of January 2021

First ever “Best of” edition, presented by Left on Read. January was quite a lack luster month for music, but there were still a few notable projects and singles that stood out.  Full spotify playlist available at the end of the page and here.

Cover art for Aethernet by Fax Gang.


Fax Gang - Aethernet

Fax Gang’s debut album continues to build upon their glitchy, hexd, and anime-esque approach to creating emotionally induced soundscapes. PK Shellboy is at his most vulnerable, providing powerful lyrics that resonate with everyday feelings. Production is once again bitcrushed, hazy, soulful, and bright. Electrifying beats and raw song writing that invoke a sense of 2000s nostalgia. Fax Gang is pushing the envelope of what music can and will sound like in the distant future.

Cover art for Seventh Heaven by Senses.


Senses - Seventh Heaven

Senses is an anomaly in the hyperpop scene. An A.I. from cyberspace that only exists online for the sole purpose of releasing sad music as a form of communication with the outside world. With no information provided about their identify or background, we can only imagine their existance in digital form. Ethereal production perfectly matches Senses’ echoing vocaloid like voice that delivers a comforting feeling. Seventh Heaven is cyberpop.

Cover art for a gift to us all by Cacola.


Cacola - A Gift to Us All

Cacola’s sampling use of Closer by Ne-Yo needs to be recognized and praised. That moment teleported me back to my childhood. A Gift to Us All is full of sugary sweet pop tunes that infuses breakcore, drum n’ bass, trance, and sampling. Full of twist and turns and plenty of lengthy tracks that keep the party going.



Helix Tears and Varsity member, Popstarbills, presents hyperpop’s first drill fusion. While this time Popstarbills isn’t rapping about being fucked up in the crib with off-brand products, he finds himself ballin’ and swaggin’ on banging hyperdrill beats. An overall fun, catchy, and poppin’ EP that deserves to get played at basement parties with the homies.

Cover art for Blame Game by Beach Bunny


Beach Bunny - Blame Game

Let’s play the blame game for sure. There is nothing about Kanye West on this EP, but there is a sense of connection. The power pop band is from Chicago and lead singer, Lili Trifilio, actually graduated from the university that I currently attend. Blame Game is full of catchy indie pop songs and relatable thought-provoking lyrics. This one is for the urban outfitters shoppers.


RODEOGLO - Infrared Swag

Bizarre musical experience. If you’re a fan of SpaceGhostPurpp, mysterious production, unusual sample choices, hard beats, and distorted sounds, then check this out.


secret webcam girl - Catboy 2

Anytime I’m taking a selfie and listening to secret webcam girl it definitely makes me hopeful for the future. Sparkly production and an almost spoken-like delivery, secret webcam girl illustrates why making music is a form of escapism. SWG embodies internet music and drainer vibes in the most candid and blunt way possible.

Cover art for Takaisin by Radio Supernova.


Radio Supernova - Takaisin

“Finland shoegaze outfit Radio Supernova’s second album is a triumphant set of dreamy shoegaze songs”. – Alfie Schnaar

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