gazing w/ visagawth

gazing w/ visagawth

Cover art for Gaze by thirtytwo.

by jona

January 21, 2021

Visagawth (a.k.a. thirtytwo) is a 15-year-old producer and rapper based in Southern California. Performing under two different aliases, with thirtytwo representing a more psychedelic/ethereal vibe, and visawgawth utilizing more darker, experimental tones. Starting out with making IDM and ambient inspired music in early 2019, he quickly shifted towards creating futuristic sounds that embody the digital world of the internet. Releasing various projects throughout 2020 under both aliases, a prominent release being crushed serotonin, a drum n bass mixtape with frequent collaborator, bliss3three, it’s clear that Visagawth’s creativity isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Out of every project he dropped in 2020, Gaze has to be his most cohesive, creative, and catchiest body of work. While he didn’t produce the beats on the tape, it showed that he has incredible potential to influence the underground HexD/cloud-rap scene with his ear for experimental production and ability to create atmospheric experiences. Opting to go for infectious high pitched vocals, Visagawth finds himself almost free styling on each track, going wherever his colorful mind pleases. Considering he was tripping during the making of Gaze, he was able to translate his high into a musical reality. Opening listeners to a psychedelic trip filled with lyrics describing vivid surroundings and inner feelings, Gaze perfectly captures candid snapshots of Visagawth’s dazzling personality. The cover art even illustrates the celestial mood listeners will find in the short tape. With production being taken care of thanks to bliss3three, Ben, Night Princess, and RP-D, they were able to combine sounds and ideas from nightcore, hexd, and tread while leaving enough space for Visagawth to float on. All working in synergy, they birthed one of the most comfiest vibes of 2020. A short and sweet mixtape leaving a desire for more tunes.

I managed to connect with Visagawth back in December of 2020 and had a quick chat about his inspirations, future in music, and creation process.

interview from december 15, 2020


Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, highly appreciate it. How are you feeling right now?


Been feeling pretty good recently, winter is usually ass for me so this is rare lol.

Seasonal depression been hitting for me, glad you’re doing better than me. How old are you, where are you from, and when did you start making music?

I’m 15 and from Southern California. I started making the type of music that I am making now in like April of this year but I originally started out making ambient and IDM music in early 2019.

15?? I wouldn’t have guessed that. You’re super talented for the amount of time you’ve been working on music. Do you produce the majority of the beats on your projects? And who have been your greatest inspirations and influences thus far?

Thank you I really appreciate it. For my tape “gaze” that I made while I was mainly using the thirtytwo name, my friend bliss3three produced most of the tracks but now I have been making a lot of beats again so I’m leaning towards producing most of my own stuff.

For influences, I’d say the main 3 are alice glass, spaceghostpurrp, and eternity god (who is apart of $pirit gurlz). All 3 have added to my sound in some way or another. There are a few others but those are the really important ones

Gaze is amazing. the production blew my mind away and your catchy lyrics made it even better. It features ethereal cloud rap production while borrowing elements from other genres like tread, video game music, and whatever spaceghostpurpp would make. How did you decide on the sound of your mixtape? It’s extremely experimental while remaining catchy and accessible.

It was mostly the result of doing a fuck ton of acid over summer. I didn’t really think about it, bliss and I would just hop on discord, he would send me a beat and i would write a song then we would just keep going all while I was tripping.

Must’ve been a sick experience making it. you and bliss collaborate quite often, even to the point of releasing a joint mixtape, “crushed serotonin”, another fantastic project from both of y’all. How did the two of you meet and when did the idea of making music together arise?

We both had music pages on instagram last year so we’ve been following each other for a while, but as soon as I started to put out my cloud rap beats, bliss started to dm me and from there we just started collabing a lot.

Now we just dm each other bouncing ideas and that’s how crushed serotonin was made, i just brought up the idea of a crushed dnb album so we made one

Dnb and breakcore are highly underrated and wished more producers incorporated it. Sewerslvt is doing the genre justice though. Visagawth and thirtytwo, two separate aliases, is there a meaning or purpose behind having two names and do you prefer one over the other?

Visagawth is just an alias i made because I’m planning on kinda messing around w my sound so i wanted 2 separate the eras if u know what i mean

visagawth is darker shit and thirtytwo is the way more ethereal n happy drugged out shit

Totally understandable. I initially found your music while browsing rateyourmusic. Gaze was in a few user generated lists citing their favorite projects of 2020. Are you aware of this site? There’s also the dismiss yourself discord / label / youtube channel that uploads similar like yours. I haven’t seen yours uploaded there, but it should probably be there. How did you go about getting your music out there and creating a fanbase?

Yeah, I actually have an account on rym, I barely use it but its still up. Also dismiss yourself was basically my gateway into the scene besides my bro hexmastat who taught me a lot about it. I got my music out through my instagram mostly because i had a decent following on there then it just kinda picked up when i started collaborating more with people and started involving myself in the underground scene.

Also idk how to get on dismiss yourself but if they see this somehow then plz dm me lmao.

I think you just have to ask them to upload your tape or something. I would ask yuri since sticki doesn’t run the uploads anymore. Dismiss yourself has a ktt2 account and that’s how I discovered more about the interesting hex/surge/bit crush scene. Reptilian Club Boyz always charted high on rym but I wasn’t into their music heavily. It wasn’t until FxG3000 by Fax Gang that made me extremely interested in the scene and it’s crazy potential to change the music game. 

Who are your favorite artists / groups in the scene currently?

Thank you.

For favorite artists in the scene (not just counting exclusively surge but like just ppl close n associated too) 

$pirit Gurlz/Eternity God, Rodeoglo, Cartier god, Acid Souljah, Xhris2Eazy, Trident God, 999 Heartake Sabileye

and I fw a lot of artists in BMB deathrow

I only recognize cartier god in that list, thank you for the reccs. Since you’re only 15, how has your family reacted to you making music and having fans? Are they supportive of you pursuing music? Do your friends know as well and any randoms at school aware?

My parents don’t really see it as anything right now but the friends and people I’ve shown at school think its cool asf.

Do you picture yourself making a career out of music or is just something you do for fun right now? With the hyperpop scene booming, its easier than ever for high schoolers to see music as a viable career.

I hope so, I’m just gonna keep working I don’t really see myself quitting music for like a LONGGG time

What can we expect from visagawth/thirtytwo in 2021 and what do you hope to accomplish? Feel free to shout out anybody or anything as well. thank you again for part taking in this.

Dropping my first full length album in 2021, gonna produce more and send more beats out. next year i really hope i can just link up w my bros n like make a lot of music. shoutout hex, bliss, gavin, jack beats, n ben. thank u for interviewing me that was cool asf.

also bliss says he is my biggest fan btw

make sure to checkout visagawth’s latest single, Weirdo, a whispering odyssey through the clouds, produced by @687HOE, out now on all streaming platforms.  collaborative EP with Popmonst3r will be dropping in the next few weeks.

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