Radio Supernova – Takaisin

Radio Supernova – Takaisin

Cover art for Takaisin by Radio Supernova.

February 1, 2021

By: Alfie Schnaar


Finland shoegaze outfit Radio Supernova’s second album is a triumphant set of dreamy shoegaze songs.

This album really is quite stunning although it’s unlikely to be one of the most unique albums you’ll ever hear it is a very consistent album filled to the brim with singalong shoegaze anthems.  The tracks are catchy and consistently deliver great riffs. The album sounds almost distant which combined with subtlety touched up vocals makes everything feel quite surreal. Combine that with the gorgeous guitar textures and it’s easy to understand why I keep coming back to this album over and over. The songs never feel too stripped back nor to overblown always striking a balance between a lush full sound and not distracting too much from the great pop song writing. Possibly the albums strongest points come on the two longest tracks Kadoksiin and the closing track Utopia. Both are epic sprawling tracks which are incredibly impressive. Especially Utopia the way the piano combines with swirling guitars gives it a very enthral feel and the way that around 2 minutes the other instruments rush in to give the song more layers and drive is awe-inspiring.

Overall I would definitely recommend this album especially if you’re a fan of shoegaze. It’s just a set of consistently well put together tracks with strong song writing throughout that will keep you coming back to it again and again.